Eye contact with my child is the most powerful thing i have had to experience in my existence.

Hugging my child is even more powerful.

I love being a father!

How could one possibly deny himself the privilege and joy of being a father

My advice to all single man. Become a father! You will be blessed! I promise!

Do not say:”I want to enjoy life first.”

Believe me! It is an overwhelming Joy!

sleeping with my son! what a pleasure!

Love is standing strong by your lover whether they please you or disappoint you.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13

When expecting, do not waist your time creating a baby registry.


Baby registry will fill out your house with house cluther. 

Get this instead! you will not regret it!

The first will be bad! absolutely normal. Then on round 6ich, baby will figure it out! Baby will love it until you take baby out of warm bath. 


  1. have a dry towel ready on you when picking baby up from bath
  2. hug baby right away out of bath
  3. stay by the bassinet-do not go to the other room
  4. dry baby first
  5. once baby is totally dry, take baby to the other room.

that’s all!

cheers  :)

Tv has not improved since it’s creation. They have done a great job on hardware but not software!
  • i want to start my TV, see what’s playing at the theater and be able to pay and watch it home.
  • I would love to subscribe to Forbes or YouTube videos from my TV
  • I want only one channel AND a toolbar for selections
  • can my remote have a finger sensor to manipulate volume? enought with the +/- buttons
  • can my TV go to sleep when i am not watching?(sensor) duh?
  • can i have access to redbox/Itunes/Netflix…from my TV?
  • I only want to pay as i go!

TV makers please be innovative! Tv is boring!

Believe to what people tell you about becoming a parent, please do!

When you are expecting, your entourage will warn you about how your life is about to change. You will roll your eyes believing that your experience will be different.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, you have no idea what to truly expect.

We live in a society where people share extensively their life experience and we are well aware that each case is different.

Listen carefully, when people are talking about kids. Listen and take the advice seriously! Be Wise!

A word to the wise is enough.

  • When you ask for an adventure, you get it!
  • 3 20pm: We are revealed that it would be cool to make a trip to Home Depot.
  • 3 22pm: Papa is going through his roadtrip checklist.
  • 3 23pm: Maman is removing Mateo's old diaper.
  • 3 24pm: Mateo is considering demonstrating his peeing abilities but decides to give us a brake.
  • 3 26pm: Maman pops out of the door. Mateo is meticulously applying layers of rich burp on her shirt secretly.
  • 3 30pm: The Yaris's engine roar. The Family car pulls out of the driveway.
  • 3 45pm: We are cruising on the higway. 31 above the speed limits like always.
  • 4 00pm: The gorgeous town of Cedar Rapids makes its appearance.
  • 4 05pm: Papa is cruising 10 under the speed limit to avoid any ticket from the predator cameras under the bridge.
  • 4 06pm: Papa and Maman looks at each other and think "We are so cool! We are actually living an adventure right now!"
  • 4pm 06min 58sec: Papa drive over a block of wood! and once again, Papa avoided the worse! A wink is then delivered to Maman.
  • 4 18pm: The Yaris makes it's arrival into Home Depot's parking lot.
  • 4 25pm: Mateo's is at peace, we are strolling through the store.
  • 4 26pm: Maman needs a bathroom break so we run for the nearest family bathroom
  • 4 30pm: We exit the family restroom.
  • 4 31pm: We are continuing our adventure
  • 4 32pm: We realize we are being followed by a store employee. Probably suspecting us of robbery or something.
  • 4 50pm: We decide to exit home depot and continue our adventure somewhere else.
  • 4 52pm: As I load Mateo in the Yaris, i noticed we have a problem with our tire.
  • 4 53pm: the 4pm 06min 58sec event destroyed our tire.
  • 4 54pm: Mateo starts crying.
  • 4 55pm: Maman proceed to feed Mateo.
  • 4 56pm: I tell my self "drill baby drill"
  • 4 57pm: I start changing tires
  • 4 58pm: A car next to the Yaris alarm's goes off!
  • 4 59pm: Now people are seriously suspecting that a Robbery is taking place at Home Depot.
  • 5 00pm: Papa tries to speed up the process. People are more suspisious. I mean, you need to see a picture of me changing a tire while a car's alarm is going off and Mateo is choking on Maman's breast because he is soo excited for milk.
  • 5 01pm: The alarm is loud and excruciating.
  • 5 02pm: A good Samaritan comes to assist me
  • 5 06pm: Tire has been replaced with pancake shaped replacement tire.
  • 5 09pm: Maman and Mateo enter the Yaris.
  • 5 11pm: We drive out of Home Depot's parking lot before we get arrested or something.
  • 5 15pm: We are pulling into a Mall parking lot and decide to grab dinner.
  • 5 18pm: We decide to get pizza.
  • 5 19pm: I run to the bathroom for a quick brake.
  • 5 20pm: guess who comes out of the big business compartment? The pizza dude.
  • 5 22pm: I am flushing the urinal.
  • 5 25pm: I rejoin Maman and Mateo for dinner at the food court.
  • 5 27pm: We are standing in front of the pizza section.
  • 5 28pm: Sure enough, the Pizza dude asks us which pizza we want.
  • 5 29pm: the Pizza dude grabs gloves(Thanks God) and wears them
  • 5 30pm: We are paying at the counter.
  • 5 34pm: I am eating with a lot in my mind.
  • 5 35pm: Maman and Mateo are happier. Life is Good again!

The pinky is one of the most powerfull tools for crying crisis. Wash your hands often.

it all boils down to how much discipline is applied on a daily basis to our lives for our wellness!